Summary of Claims Services

Claims Service Process

Call the call 95508

Please call my company immediately call 95508 or conditional by fax, etc. to my company, my company claims service staff will ask you about the situation, to help arrange relief, inform the follow-up claims processing process and guide you to call the alarm call In case of emergency, please call the alarm call.



Accident investigation and loss confirmation

With your assistance, my company claims personnel or commissioned by the assessment agencies, technical appraisal agencies, overseas agents to the scene of the accident investigation accident to understand the loss involved, access and preliminary collection and the nature of the accident, the reasons and losses, etc. The relevant evidence and information to confirm whether the accident is an insurance liability, if necessary, commissioned a special technical appraisal department or scientific research institutions to provide professional and technical support



Submission of claim material

Please inform us in accordance with my company\'s written notice of the contents of the contents of the request to submit all the materials required, the company in time for your submission of the authenticity and completeness of the material to confirm the confirmation of the material is incomplete, the company will promptly notify You will provide the relevant materials, the authenticity of the claim material in the case of my company will be timely investigation and verification.



Compensation calculation and review

In the case of your submission of the claim material is true, our company according to the insurance contract agreement and the relevant laws and regulations for the accurate calculation of insurance claims and claims of internal audit work, and with you to reach a final compensation agreement.



Receive compensation

Our company will pay you indemnity on the basis of your agreement with the payment method and the insurance contract agreed upon with you. Supplementary Note: If a third party on the subject matter of the insured damage caused by the insurance accident, in my company under the insurance contract and the relevant laws and regulations to pay you after the payment of your letter of exchange and to assist my company to a third party Recovery work.